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Medical Day Care

MDC takes in a Jackals Game
Medical Day Care Center For Adults
Providing help and a positive enviroment for people with special medical needs.

  • NOTE: Program Temporarily moved to 380 Straight St, Paterson, NJ 07501
  • Temporary Telephone: 973-333-6084
  • Temporary Fax: 973-333-6028

  • 182 First St., Pasaic, NJ 07503 - Directions
  • Phone: 973-405-6675
  • Fax: 973-405-6887
  • Program Director: James Raphael
  • E-mail Medical Day Care: Contact Form

The Adult Medical Day Care Center was established in 1987, primarily to provide outpatient care services to those who have special medical needs, and now serves up to 36 clients daily. Daily nursing and medical supervision, group and individual drug and alcohol counseling, pastoral care, massage therapy, health education classes, dietary counseling and case management services are just some of the many services available at the Medical Day Care. Assistance is also available in accessing medical benefits and obtaining referrals to clinics that offer specialized treatment.

Straight & Narrow provides transportation to and from the Medical Day Care Center for clients within a 25-mile radius of the center. Transportation is also available for doctor, clinic and social service appointments during the hours of operation of the Medical Day Care, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. A light breakfast is provided daily, as is lunch, and clients may participate in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, including movies, picnics, physical sports and arts and crafts. Guest speakers are invited to speak to the clients at the Medical Day Care on a regular basis.

In order to establish a broad, seamless, and effective system of care for clients, staff at the Medical Day Care Center regularly collaborate with community service providers and healthcare agencies to link clients to services. All clients receive ongoing case management services and have access to emergency assistance services.

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James Raphael, Program Director of Straight and Narrow Adult Medical Day Care

James is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator (LNHA) in both New Jersey and New York, and a Certified Assisted Living Administrator (CALA) in New Jersey. With more than seven years experience working in long-term care settings, James has managed both small and large teams. In 2016, James and his team completed a deficiency free survey from NJ Department of Health. James has both a BA in Anthropology from Rutgers University and a BA in Theology from Eastern Bible Institute. In addition, he has earned a Master's in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

Straught & Narrow Medical Day Care Client Testimonials

  1. In the last year, I have truly been blessed by the Straight and Narrow Medical Day Care staff members. All have been very helpful in assisting me with my HIV status. I would encourage anyone (who has HIV/Aids) to attend Medical Day Care. You will not be disappointed (G.M.)

  2. I like Straight and Narrow Medical Day Care because it gives me a lot of knowledge about how I am able to relate with others and dealing with my problems and also they help me with my legal issues. (A.C.)

  3. Before I came to Straight and Narrow Medical Day Care, I was lost and nowhere to turn to. Straight and Narrow Medical Day Care provides resources. It is a place that people with disabilities can get support and grief, and loss (and bereavement) services. I give them five stars! (M.R)

  4. Straight and Narrow Medical Day Care has helped me structure my life in a positive way. Staff helps me with my medical appointments and all social (services) appointments. Straight and Narrow Medical Day Care has helped me make positive choices in my life. (S.R.)

  5. Straight and Narrow Medical Day Care is very fundamental for me. (K.T.)

  6. Straight and Narrow Medical Day Care has helped me to grow in my recovery and dealing with my illness. (L.T.)

  7. I have grown since coming to Straight and Narrow Medical Day Care. (D.O.)

  8. Straight and Narrow Medical Day Care is a great program. Due to growing activities and outings, Medical Day Care is my favorite place. (M. S.)

  9. Since coming to Straight and Narrow Medical Day Care, I have regained control over my life. My confidence level is at its highest level and I can now speak honestly about situations I am dealing with, without being judged by anyone. I’ve met new friends and enjoy being a part of my new family. (T.T.)

  10. I came to Straight and Narrow Medical Day Care confused, homeless and my health wasn’t its best. My blood pressure was out of control. Now, I have a home at Straight and Narrow apartments and my health has improved and I made peace with my God. I have a new family who cares. The staff is truly God sent. My HIV is being taking care of. At one time, I was ashamed of my HIV, but today I have no shame. Things happen in life and God blessed me to come to Straight and Narrow Medical Day Care. (I.P.)

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